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The Impulsator
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General Coordinator Home Care Services. Valarie Zimmerman
208- 263-2549 Ext 161
Email: homecare@percussionaire.com

Facts About IPV®
Facts about IPV
Home Care

IPV® Impulsator® for Home Care

The Percussionaire Impulsator® (IPV®)

The IPV® Impulsator® is a totally self contained Pulmonary Therapy System allowing COPD patients to continue daily professional quality, hospital administered IPV® therapy, “at home”.

The IPV® Impulsator® was designed to allow pulmonary patients of all ages with Cyctic Fibrosis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Emphysema and other pulmonary diseases to maintain daily hospital quality IPV® treatment schedules at home.

The IPV® clinical concept was conceived, as well as the IPV® administration devices designed, to provide for a total Bronchiolar-Alveolar Lung Recruitment. Lung management is gained by re-establishing the existing limited alveolar air exchange, while equally important, enhancing the pulmonary blood flow during the pulmonary re-oxygenation process.

In other words, IPV® is a unique, long proven, total clinical cardiopulmonary recruitment and stabilization method and not just a method of treating the (shortness of breath) symptoms which are caused by the underlying pulmonary disease.

In summary, IPV® is an advanced composite of every practical historical means of mechanically and pharmacologically managing the symptoms of obstructive pulmonary diseases. HOWEVER, more important, IPV® was conceived to manage the maintenance of both Pulmonary and Bronchial blood flow during the process of managing Bronchitis with it’s associated swelling and secretion retention within the Bronchioles. While IPV® is directed toward the long term preservation of the Pulmonary Blood supply to the Bronchioles, as well as the Alveoli they ventilate, it serves toward keeping the Pulmonary airways free of retained endobronchial secretions reducing the work of normal breathing.

The Impulsator is totally sel contained

The Impulsator® has established it’s safety & efficacy through clinical evidence:
* Worldwide Research               * Case Studies                         * Bibliographies

Percussionaire’s cardiopulmonary management seminars are presented within “THE BIRD AVIATION AND INVENTION CENTER MUSEUM” located within the northern Idaho, Bird Ranch complex near Sandpoint, Idaho.

Percussionaire® sponsored seminars are designed to share advanced mechanical IPV® and VDR® cardiopulmonary management protocols developed by “world wide clinicians” on patient’s failing volume-pressure CMV ventilation techniques. These unique military and civil clinical experiences encompass a period of some three decades of on patient use.

Additionally Percussionaire® sponsors Clinicians who provide programmed world-wide technical and clinical lectures and seminars relating to the IPV® and VDR® management of challenging cardiopulmonary patients from Neonates through Pediatrics to Adults.

"We offer seminars every year covering Percussionaire Products, here is our Seminar Schedule"



General Coordinator Home Care Services.
Valarie Zimmerman 208- 263-2549 Ext 161 | Email: homecare@percussionaire.com

P.O. Box 817 Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 U.S.A.
Phone (208) 263-2549  Fax (208) 263-0577