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Facts About IPV®
Facts about IPV

What is Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV®)?

IPV SWF 12-16-9

The term Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV®) was coined by Dr. Forrest M Bird in 1980, to describe a Clinical Protocol and the Administering Device, to mechanically ventilate the Lungs with successive Percussive Sub Tidal Volume Deliveries, without firing the Hering Breuer stretch receptors, provoking an expiratory "cough like response”.

Essentially, IPV® in oversimplified terms, assists the respiration of patients with diseases which limit their normal respiration by helping to clear retained secretions from the lungs and then providing deep breathing to increase oxygen delivery to the alveoli as well as flushing carbon dioxide from the pulmonary airways.

To receive this type of mechanical ventilation, the patient breathes through an IPV® accessory device called a Phasitron®, which delivers rapid, high flow, mini-bursts (percussions) of Air or Oxygen into the lungs while simultaneously delivering therapeutic aerosols. IPV® loosens and helps propel deep retained airway secretions upward from the lungs where they can be more easily expectorated (coughed up).

IPV® has been proven to be an outstanding combining therapeutic procedure, in patients with obstructive pulmonary diseases; including, Bronchiolitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Neuro-muscular disorders, Emphysema, (General COPD), as well as for Post Operative and Emergency Room (ER) airway management. IPV® can be self administered by home care patients through a mouthpiece or mask. In the hospital IPV® can be administered by, mouthpiece, mask or endotracheal tubes, as well as in combination with an intensive care ventilator.

IPV® is a universal Ventilatory program, combining the maximum Clinical Efficacies of all existing routine mechanical ventilatory procedures, directed toward:
1. Mobilizing pulmonary airways, congested by secretion retention, mucosal and sub mucosal edema and bronchiolar spasm.
2. Creating a bilateral uniform alveolar ventilation for enhancing oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide elimination.
3. Mechanically mixing Intrapulmonary Gases through "diffuse intrapulmonary percussion” to enhance endobronchial diffusion of Oxygen and the mobilization of peripheral CO2.
4. Providing a major periodic "Convective Tidal Flow” to wash out CO2.

IPV® programming, allows the patient to breathe spontaneously through the "percussive ventilatory programming”, providing for an assisted step inflation of the lungs, followed by a percussive step down deflation to the programmed expiratory baseline; during passive exhalation.
Essentially, IPV® COMBINES the best features of ALL existing Pulmonary Care devices including:

1. High Density Aerosol Therapy.
2. Extrathoracic Percussion (Chest Physiotherapy).
3. Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing.
4. Mechanical Chest Thumpers, Squeezers and Vibrators.
5. Upper Airway Secretion mobilizers.
6. Bi level (I-E PAP) breathing devices.
7. CPAP devices.
8. Postural Drainage



General Coordinator Home Care Services.
Valarie Zimmerman 208- 263-2549 Ext 161 | Email: homecare@percussionaire.com

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